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How do I start studying for a job exam ?

Friday, January 28, 2022

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Congratulations on being able to make sure you get the job you want.
Because nowadays most of the boys and girls can't decide what they want in life, whether they want to work or business even after graduation.
I can't keep the goal right even with any other decision, after some time I think I made the right decision.
Anyway, at least I didn't go down without explaining myself first. Let's see how you can start preparing for the job test.

** First you have to choose which job preparation you want to take -
Before taking preparation, it is very important to know which exam you want to take, because different exam procedures have different exam patterns, different syllabus.
*** Then you have to look at the syllabus, exam pattern, time management.
**** Then complete the syllabus and give mock test.
***** In order to prepare for each exam, it is very important to solve the previous year paper of particular exam. ***** (must)
****** In case of SSC and railways, about 70-80% of the questions are prepared from the previous year paper.
Previous year paper er solution started giving on a website (educalypse), I am also benefiting a lot from there, you can check if you want.

Are you looking for a government job or a private one ?

If you want to work in a private company, all you need to do is develop skills. Suppose you want to work in the IT sector, and you have a technical background. You have to learn your subject very well. My first job at a reputable software company was to learn nothing but c (a programming language that doesn't seem to work). Still, I got the job. I think they just want to see if you know exactly what you should know, they will teach you the rest. In the same way, even if you have a non-technical background, you need to know your job.

Now let's talk about government jobs (I am not qualified to talk about UPSC).

Honestly, you started your government job without knowing it, from the day you started going to school. Can't believe it? You sit down and read any exam question paper, yes you heard right, any, starting from State PSC to IBPS, Staff Selection Commission, which is happy. You will see all the questions, whether you are in secondary school or what is happening around us, that is, current affairs, if you have a habit of reading newspapers, they will happen. Since there is no opportunity to study political science, economics at the secondary level in the civil service national examination, they can be considered as exceptions. In addition, for the technical exams, the syllabus of the higher course must be followed.

Now you need proper planning. For example, what kind of job you want to do is not based on emotions, you have to decide based on your strong zone. Older studies need to be retold, according to your selected competitive exam syllabus. And the thing that is most needed is patience, you have to be mentally prepared for at least three attempts, it is better to go for an average of 5 years, I am talking about general quality examinees. Depression is a very bad thing, it should never come in preparation. I have a small suggestion for this, you can do a couple of tuitions to cover the cost. This is because the relationship between economic self-sufficiency and depression is relatively inextricably linked.

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