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What should be thought while meditating ?

Friday, January 28, 2022

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What should be thought while meditating -

Sitting down to meditate, thinking or imagining, distracts the mental state. Those Experienced in this regard, they said, during meditation various thoughts, fantasies, times When the time comes, it makes the mind restless and disturbs the mind, meditation Embarrassing the purpose. That is why it is said, all thoughts, To keep the imagination, away. And these scattered thoughts are far from the mind To keep away, it is said, during meditation, to deepen one's concentration, one's own Trying to concentrate the mind on the breath, on the breath or in the navel To do.

1) You and your thoughts are not one. Watch your thoughts from afar. Suppose, you are waiting in a doctor's chamber to read your call, there are many more waiting patients. Someone is coming, standing, sitting, someone is leaving - these are all other people, for a moment you are all sitting in the same room, is that the point? Look at the coming and going of thoughts and feelings without any judgment. This is a feeling of anger, a thought about politics or sports, a feeling about what to eat or love tonight. It is useless to think of stopping them, they will never stop, but do not "do" these thoughts, "see" the thoughts or feelings.

2) The purpose is to lighten the mind a little, to loosen. Your mind is always like a clenched fist, the fist of the mind will loosen a little through meditation. See yourself the way you see your dear friend. Begin the practice of simply taking yourself for granted. Please don't be too rude or harsh towards yourself.

3) There is nothing to pay too much attention to the current of thoughts or worries inside you. But observe your feelings closely. How do I feel when I am angry, what are the physical changes inside me when instability starts? Notice how you change even when you are happy.

4) Start paying a little attention to the five senses, especially the feeling we get by touch. The handle of this bus or car is cold, I am sitting in the chair on the mattress, I grabbed this cup of hot tea - what are these little feelings? Take time to observe the feelings carefully.

5) Bring a little bit of attention inside your body, even if only for a few minutes in a day: Is there a slight pain in the shoulder? How does the stomach feel? Notice your breathing coming and going very carefully: take this one breath, exhale slowly. Exhale very slowly. When eating, slowly, slowly, chew, gently feel the taste of food. p>

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