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Why Facebook Group Disabled Again And Again - Best Solution

Saturday, January 29, 2022

/ by Admin

What is the solution to the Facebook group being disabled again and again ?

Lately, I see that the post is disabled as soon as it is read in the post report or violence of the admin or moderator of a group and this disabled group is not coming back even after thousands of appeals and reviews.

Since the chances of coming back without appealing are very low, so I am sharing some tips for all group admins, if you follow them, inshaAllah, your group will never be disabled, it is more likely not to be disabled. So let's get started.

Increase surveillance first, delete as soon as you see a post or comment that may contain hate speech and violence, and take action against that post and commenter!

Before hiring an admin or moderator, make sure that the offensive post comments.

The important point is that group admins and moderators will try to follow -

Admin and moderator will open one backup ID each. And by joining that ID in your group, you will turn on Pre Approve Post in that ID. You will comment different posts with that backup ID.

Put the main ID in the official application of Facebook and keep the backup ID in the browser or Facebook Lite.

The less you use the admin or moderator ID, the safer it is, because it has a lower chance of falling into violence. Just use the admin and moderator ID for group management, and backup ID for comments and posts!

The group will start promoting the backup group as soon as it eats a strike and will try its best to promote the backup group. Even then, once the main group is disabled, you will turn the backup group into the main group.

When the group grows up, you must make the group privacy private. This will reduce the rate of spam and fake reports.

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