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How to establish yourself in a short time !

Remember this important points which can change our life - 

Schedule and Planning: To build yourself up as a skilled freelancer, you must first set a specific time to learn and work. That schedule should be adhered to in such a way that nothing else can bias you.

Hard work mentality: There is no substitute for hard work in the freelancing world. From learning to work to working, you have to work hard at all stages of establishing yourself. So make yourself that way.

Stick to the end: In the case of freelancing, you can never say when the success will be caught. So to get the job you have to wait patiently and try till the end.

Computer and Language skills: You must know basic computer and be proficient in English language to work with foreign clients.

Money or skill development: From the beginning, one should not run after money but should focus on developing one's skills. Money will run after you as skills increase. So be patient.

What is freelancing ?

Many people think that freelancing is a kind of job but in fact it is not. Freelancing is a means to an end. I will work if I want to, I will not work if I don't want to. Suppose you do graphic design very well. But you do not want to be frustrated if you cannot get the right pitch so invest in a good capo. Then you can choose freelancing as a means to work freely. Similarly, a photographer most of the time works as a freelancer. He goes to work when he likes and gets good opportunities. Again a singer can work as a freelancer if he wants. Because in most cases they have no fixed time. If you like it, go to the song, if you don't like it, don't go. The most interesting thing about freelancing is that you can work at the time you want, even if you are not working when the work pressure is high.

What is outsourcing ?

There are basically two ways to outsource, such as outsourcing and offshore outsourcing. Outsourcing usually means getting your work done by someone other than yourself. It may be that your company has 20 different calendar design jobs for the new year but you are not able to do the work due to lack of manpower. So outsourcing is the way to do things when you are not doing it yourself but through another person or company. Simply put, "outsourcing is being done by someone else without working for yourself." Offshore outsourcing comes with the great promise of cost savings. Usually people from America, Europe, Australia zone do offshore outsourcing. His technical subjects such as graphic and web design and development, software development, multimedia, various programming work from middle or low income countries at a relatively low cost. There is a lot of demand from developers in Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Russia and some other countries for this.

Freelancing Marketplace

Freelancers usually communicate with clients in different countries through various online marketplaces. Basically these marketplaces connect freelancers with outsourcers. Those who do outsourcing or job posting are called buyers or clients and those who complete the work are called sellers or freelancers. The most popular list of currently used marketplaces are Fiber, Upwork,, and many more online sites. Marketplaces charge sellers 10% to 20%, depending on the field. The biggest advantage of working on these sites is that after the work is done, the client does not have to repeatedly ask for money or pay dharna. Because when everything is done properly, the dollar is automatically transferred from the client's account to the seller's account.

Freelancing for whom ?

  • Who doesn't like to do the usual 9 - 5 office.
  • People who don't like jobs in public-private or multinational companies.
  • Those who want to use their skills as their own.
  • Those who have a good idea of English and other languages and are willing to use it regularly.
  • Those who are willing to work with foreign clients or foreigners.
  • Those who are willing to work on their own time sitting at home.
  • Those who want to do something for extra income besides education and job.
  • Those who have the desire and mentality to spend their whole life in an honest way.
  • Those who always have the desire to make themselves efficient.
  • Those who constantly want to learn new things.
  • Those who have impossible patience and tend to cling to results.

What to know before becoming a freelancer ?

  • Know yourself first. Do you like it, how much do you like it?
  • Do you want to improve your skills? If you do not know, consult an expert and someone working in this field.
  • Know the limits of your patience.
  • Can you be patient until you get the result?
  • Can you spend at least 4 to 5 hours a day learning to work?
  • Are you interested in learning new things?
  • Do you communicate and work online, ready to adapt to this environment?

Not freelancing for those

  • Those who want to get success in shortcuts.
  • Those who want to earn by learning a little work.
  • Those who do not focus on improving their skills.
  • Those who think that freelancing means to earn 50/60 thousand rupees at the end of the month sitting at home.
  • Those who think that after doing a course of 3/4 months, the mentor will teach you everything and you will not have to learn anything later.
  • Those who think, "I will see for a while, I will learn later".
  • Who can't give regular and fixed amount of time.
  • Those who do not have the mentality and ability to work.
  • Those who want to earn more with less work.

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