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Online 360 degree photo creator

Saturday, January 29, 2022

/ by Admin
Create 360 degree image online , Create a collection of photo memories in the living room. Create a collection of souvenir photos in the living room, create 360-degree space for your photos, make your photos appear in a unique 360-degree space. Instructions: Upload your image, align it and press "OK" to create and download it! Once created and downloaded, post to facebook to view the room in 3D mode. You can rotate it to see the photos. Today I will know the amazing tricks of Facebook. That's how to put 360 degree photos in the cover photo of Facebook. With it you can easily learn how to make 360 photos. Please visit this website first.
Step:1- Convert your normal photos to 360 degree photo.

How add 360° photos in facebook your profile?

Then upload three photos as you wish. 
Now click on the ok button and Save the photo if you like.
Then click on the cover photo on your Facebook profile.

Select your saved photo.
The work is done. Now any user can see 360 ° photos in your profile.

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