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Ways to get rid of nausea in the Vehicles

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

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Ways to relieve nausea in vehicles

Motion sickness is the feeling of nausea or vomiting or dizziness when getting in the car. The joy of travel is reduced to dust due to motion sickness, which is embarrassing to read.

Causes of vomiting on the bus:

This type of motion sickness usually occurs when getting on a bus, private car, microbus. Speed ​​and inertia can cause vomiting in the vessels of the brain without coordination. The inner ear balances the motion and inertia of our body. When riding in a car, the inner ear sends a message to the brain that it is moving. But the eyes say different things. Because the people in front of him or next to him or the car seats are fixed. This lack of coordination between the eyes and the inner ear results in motion sickness. In addition, if there is a problem of acidity, vomiting may occur due to illness, vomiting may also occur due to bad smell.

Ways to get rid of vomiting on the way:

1. It is possible to overcome motion sickness if you travel in your own car and complete the journey by pausing for a while without traveling continuously. You can start the journey again by enjoying the open air for a while during the break.

2. Chewing gum and ginger help reduce motion sickness. Chewing gum or chewing ginger during the journey can get rid of this problem.

3. Good results can be obtained by practicing sleeping during the journey. It is better to look at the horizon without looking in the car. Do not sit in the back where the car is moving, it causes more nausea.

4. It is better to sit in a low shaking seat. When traveling by bus, sitting in the front seat, by the window, you can get more light and air. As a result, more comfort can be found in the body.

5. Oily and spicy foods should be avoided before traveling. Eating spicy or oily food during the journey is more likely to cause vomiting.

. Those who do not tolerate the smell of oil can use the air freshener of their choice. However, in this case, the condition of other passengers should also be taken into consideration.

. You should not talk to the passenger next to you during the journey and avoid mobile or social media. It is better not to sit in the opposite seat and not to read books while traveling.

. Eating sour fruits also eliminates nausea. In addition to the smell of lemon leaves, the smell of orange lemon also eliminates nausea. You can mix a little salt in hot lemon water and eat it. This water is useful for relieving headaches, nausea and vomiting. But if you vomit due to gastric problems, it is better not to eat lemon.

9. Ginger is very beneficial in preventing vomiting, ginger helps in digestion. You can chew ginger, nausea will go away. If necessary, you can eat ginger tea. In addition, whenever there is nausea, put a piece of clove in the mouth, it will get rid of nausea and bad breath.

10. Get on the bus with something light before traveling. Never travel on an empty stomach. Don't eat anything heavy before traveling. Avoid eating out on the go, it is better not to eat food that causes acidity.

If you have too many problems, you can take anti-vomiting medicine as per the doctor's advice.

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