When the mouth and throat become dry again and again, many people start thinking that they have diabetes. But in addition to diabetes, there can be various reasons for such problems.

During hot weather we lose a lot of water through the skin, so dehydration occurs quickly in the body. Then a special part of the brain becomes active, thirsty. The mouth-tongue-throat comes dry. It takes a lot of thirst. It is a normal physiological response. So if it is very hot or sweaty, it is normal for the mouth-tongue-throat to become dry.

But if someone has this dryness exacerbated, even after drinking enough water, the face becomes dry again and again, then first notice if you are taking any medicine. Dry mouth and throat in response to some very common medications. Such as: antihistamines or medicines for allergies and medicines used for colds, diarrhea or amnesia. Repeated thirst should be checked to see if the blood sugar level has risen.

Some common problems with teeth and gums can cause dry mouth. Such as: tooth decay, gingivitis. Those whose noses are closed and they breathe through their mouths all the time, their mouths also become dry again and again. The patient may have this problem after paralysis. Some diseases that affect the salivary glands can cause dry mouth after radiotherapy or chemotherapy. Patients with extreme anxiety or stress also have dry mouth.

Here are some tips to treat dry mouth:

* Brush your teeth with fluoridated toothpaste at least twice a day for oral hygiene. Use dental floss.

* You can chew sugar free candy or sugar free chewing gum. This increases saliva secretion.

* Drink enough water.

* Those who have dry mouth, do not drink coffee. Not even smoking.

* Dry food, such as: crackers, toast, dried bread, muri-chira, etc. will increase the dryness of the mouth. Choose slightly moist and soft foods.

* If the nose is closed, treat it.

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