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⭐ How to solve English Question in IBPS  Exam ? Or Other Banking exam ?

Posted By: Naga Nathan
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Originally Answered: How did you prepare for the English section of the banking exam ?

Hello buddy,

Disclaimer: I never prepared for English from scratch so if you are looking for that type of an answer then probably I am not the best guy for it. However this answer can give you some clarity on how to move forward in this section.

First I'll tell you two incidents that changed my perspective for this exam. The first is a quora answer where a girl had written that she was preparing for UPSC and for fun she wrote CAT and got IIM-A. Second was another quora answer where he said I'll never get to IIM A/B because they look for 10 and 12th academic records along with CAT score. He concluded saying everyone knows CAT can be cracked with one year of sincere efforts but they wanted people who were consistent and not someone who changed suddenly and cracked one exam in their life (However IIM C gives people that second chance in life. They don't give much weightage to 10/12 grades) I've read a lot of stories where people say I studied for 3 months and I cracked UPSC/CAT. I used to feel like I was a burden to the earth during those times :P

Later I realized that people did not Crack the exam in 3 months. They were people who were unconsciously preparing not for this exam in particular but were concentrating on understanding literature or history or English or whatsoever it was. They did not specifically prepare for CAT but they were already good in English. In school they did not know they were preparing for UPSC but for this exam they were already prepared, because they invested in their childhood.

We need to come in terms with this; that people who have been consistently studying will definitely have an upper hand how much ever hard we try. But still we can reach their level.

That being said we also need to understand that English cannot be studied. It needs to be learnt. You can cram up with n number of Grammer rules from Wren and Martin and read Word power made easy but all these would not help. It will only complicate things. Word power made easy may help you to understand English words better but cannot help you in the exam.

So I'll tell you certain ways that can help you boost your English

    Get instinctive response: Trust me I don't know what is subject or predicate, what is present participle or past participle, what is a gerund or preposition or any of those complicated terms. But I know which word will look good in the sentence and which will make the sentence awkward. Practice this.
    Read books: Read any book or novel you get in your hand. You can have epubs of books in your mobile and read whenever you get free time. I complete 2 novels minimum and 4 novels at max in a month. I'll keep a count on my Instagram. You can visit it if you want. Reading books is one great habit you can develop. You'll also get content to write in the description writing. You get an idea of structuring the essay. Instead of scrolling down the feed in insta and Facebook read two pages. This will help you in comprehension, guessing the meaning of the word according to the sentence and also help you with point 1. You become instinctive when you read a lot.
    Read the editorial: When I started reading editorial, for atlest 30 days I did not understand the head and tail of it. But I made sure I read that 2 editorial every day. Slowly you'll get to understand. Don't focus only on economy related topics. Read politics share markets and anything and everything that comes as an editorial. You need to get comfortable with a variety of topics.And read the editorial online. Your exam is online. There is a difference between reading on the paper and reading on screen. Practice on screen reading. That's why I suggested reading books on your mobile. (If suppose you don't understand the editorial see the editorial review video by byjus. They explain it pretty well). Also read "Livemint". Their English is really good and you'll improve your English much faster. 2 Hindu and 2 Livemint articles a day will do.
    Treat it as a language: It is not some demon. It's an ordinary language like your mother tongue. During the initial days you can try converting the sentence into your mother tongue and try to understand the meaning. However with practice you'll be able to understand in one go. Don't panic for this section and also don't be afraid. Fear of this section is what makes you perform less.
    Particularly South Indian people: English is "The" section you'll have to score. If there is one place you can overtake the competition from north it is in English. The people of North have a craze for government exams and there are very few chances you'll score more than them in quants and reasoning. They will ace the section hands down. So improve your English. Regular practice for 1–2 hours a day is sufficient to improve this section.
    Take daily puzzles: Do the daily puzzles on adda and grade up. You'll be able to track your progress. Do reading comprehension at the last. Complete all the remaining questions and then get into RC's. RC's are like puzzles of reasoning. If guy start with them first you'll take forever to read / complete them.

I guess all these will be fine if you keep working it everyday. Don't cram yourself in YouTube channel videos. Most of them teach formulas and all for English. I don't understand how English can be learnt in formulas. Just read read and practice.

Read a sentence and see where it is starting to sound awkward. Trust your instincts. Your instincts will get better when you start reading more.

You have a lot of time before the next exam comes. Stay calm and prepare everyday and you'll ace this exam.

You can text me if you need any help I'll do my best.

Good luck!

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