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I've completed BBA, MBA in Accounting from National University of Bangladesh. I have been involved in private tutoring about 10 years. So, I know students have more problems with which ones and huge students want to proper learning and they want to make a bright career.

I have started blogger journey since 2009 through blogger.com. I want to give proper educational solution to all the students of Bangladesh. 

Supporting Members
MD Rakib (MBA - Management) from National University
MD Hasan (MA in English from NU)
Rita Biswas (MA in English from NU)
MR. Kamal (MBA in Accounting from NU)
In these ten years, we have been able to extend our services to almost millions of students. Today, it has become popular among millions of job seekers across Bangladesh. Now about 1500 to 3000 students and job seekers visit our site every day. The name of our website is a little big from the beginning which is a little embarrassing to many. And many people can't remember the name easily so for the convenience of everyone our website name has been changed a little bit. Formerly is now renamed meity.org.
About us
We give particular lesson to students. Which you can learn from us - Firstly we teach for primary and secondary education after that we just go Higher education and Career. If you are using social media site like facebook, twitter etc. you can find us - Our facebook page - www.facebook.com/meity.org and twitter page - https://twitter.com/meity
◼️ Who are we ? 
A small helper volunteer made up of some students. We help you with your studies, job preparation, job placement, career, etc. We do our best to give the right direction to a job seeker or those who are studying and to make a PDF of the required book and other supportive work. This is one of the examples of the site you are on now. We immediately share all types of recruitment notifications for government or private jobs on this site. At the same time, I try to keep all other ordinary students away from fake job advertisements. We always share the right job recruitment notifications in front of you. At the same time we share the website and application links of the employers directly with you. 
◼️ What we do ? 
We only try to give you to proper lesson about education and jobs. Job related useful pdf book or E-book link we share with you. We publish many types of recruitment notices, Job circular news, Monthly current affairs on a regular basis. We try to keep you up to date with the daily job news so that you don't miss out on a job application or job exam. 
◼️ How to work meity.org ? 
meity is a simple decorated blog website which made with very simple and dynamic. It's easy to use and fast loading website. We are providing free job exam alert service. Those who have subscribed to our site with email id, we send job test notices to them by mail.  Usually we share Educational related post regarding Primary education and Job Exam. Our job is to inform all the unemployed students in the country about the new recruitment news. At the same time to warn everyone from fake recruitment notifications. All the recruitment notices given on this site are genuine. We provide direct application links.
We are also providing JOB Exam Related learning -
BCS Exam Guideline.
BANK Exam Guideline.
Govt. JOB Exam Guideline.
Private JOB Exam Guideline.
Others JOB Exam Guideline.
Newsletter Subscribers - 
We already have more than 800+ Newsletter Subscribers they are actively read our post. We also provided free Job Exam Alert by sending mail to Newsletter Subscribers email. Most of students like this service and they are actually want it.

What services we provide on this site -

What is the role of present Education in getting a job now?
What is the role of Education if you want to improve yourself?
To make you proficient by teaching and practical learning.
How to built your career.
To provide overall assistance in Learning.

Feedback mail:
Your valuable feedback send to our Email edu24.info@gmail.com

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