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A locked phone can put you in danger

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

/ by Admin

We usually can't stay indoors all the time. Sometimes we have to go out of the house whether it is for work or special needs. When we get out of the house we must remember two things. That is our wallet or money bag, another is a handset. These two things are always in our pockets or with us when we go out of the house.

The question that may arise in your mind is what does mobile password have to do with this? Yes there is a relationship. Positive thinking has been mentioned in past motivational posts on our website. So try to take this issue in a positive way. If you take this word in a positive way, you will be more careful and it will be better for you.

Anyway, let's get back to the basics, if you don't read an incident with your mind, you will never understand the title above.

One day he saw an accident on the road. Although the accident was not so serious, the person who was riding the bike fell unconscious on the side of the road in an accident.

At this point, some people approached the accident victim and took out the smartphone from the pocket of his pants. The purpose of taking the smartphone was to inform a known person by calling the class. But when the person presses the button of the smartphone, now understand yourself while the phone is locked. The phone that locked your password put you in even greater danger. Because the person did not have an ID card in his pocket, the only recourse was to call someone he knew.

I would not share the incident but the only reason to share is that it is better to learn by sight than to learn by deception. That is why the incident was brought to your notice if you can be a little wary of it. And one more thing can be done to get rid of this phenomenon. That is, when you give your smartphone a password lock or pattern lock, your smartphone has an option called Lock Screen Owner Info.

How to set lock screen owner info ?

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