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Easy way to be smart and how to be smart very easily ?

Friday, August 5, 2022

/ by Admin

Nothing is possible very easily, to do anything definitely requires some time and proper habit development. But there are some things which can be done with regular practice and following the right way. It is not easy to become smart. Some things must be kept in mind like –

Associate with good people

In a matter you may not be aware of, if you walk with good people, you will definitely do something good. You must have heard such a saying that iron floats in company. Those who have left us such proverbs must have made such proverbs after facing the reality of nature. Therefore, to make your future beautiful, you must associate with people with good personality. When we say smart, we don't mean only shiny simple look. The word smart naturally means to present yourself beautifully to others, it has nothing to do with your appearance because it is a gift from God. And how can you change God's creation

Always keep calm

Getting too hot on any words or disregarding the words of others are not good signs at all. If any such quality remains in you, leave it. Always try to keep yourself calm. If you do this, you will get two benefits. First of all, you will become popular with others in a very short time, which is nothing less than being smart. Second, you can avoid many types of danger very easily because many of us get excited when we are in danger. So if you can keep yourself calm, you can protect yourself from your own danger in this case too.

Adapt yourself with the times

Our world and society are constantly updating so you have to keep pace with nature and society. Remember that if you do not change yourself with time, both society and time will throw you out of society. No one wants to associate with you. So always expand your knowledge and try to understand the present world as well as constantly try to learn new things. If you can do this, you will be able to mix with many people in a very short time and you will be able to build communication with others in a very smart way.

Read books

It is never bad if you have the habit of reading books. Maybe you see a magazine on the roadside or in a tea shop and read it by heart. You may then wonder what is going on, even if you find it annoying, it is not stupid at all. The more you know, the more you can expand your knowledge, so reading newspapers and reading books is a very good habit. But nothing is too good. Regularly you can practice them for some time, it will expand your emotional human and knowledge side.

Speak logically

Sitting in a tea shop without understanding anything, I suddenly said something on a topic of another person and proved my wrong confidence with that, and if you can do it, you are a winner! Those who do such things are far from being smart, they cannot move in any kind of society. Don't get involved in a debate suddenly, understand the matter and if you have correct knowledge about it, explain it to the other person with a cool head.

Keep the right sense of clothes

You should always be careful about where to wear what kind of clothes. There are some clothes that we may think are very beautiful to ourselves, but wear clothes keeping in mind what you are using the clothes for.

But it doesn't mean that you should always walk around in full shirt, there is no need to do that, try to understand what you need when you need it and choose clothes accordingly.

Always be happy

Remember, if you can't make yourself happy, you can never make others happy. And when another person comes to mingle with you, if he doesn't get a little smile, then think to yourself why he would mingle with you or talk to you.

So always keep yourself smile happy don't involve yourself in negative thoughts always try to stay positive and hang out with people with positive personality.

Keep body fit

Always take care of your health because what is the point of being smart if your body is not healthy. I may have become smart after learning so much, but if I was sick all day or two days after being sick and lying in bed, that smartness will not be of any use. Exercise regularly and eat a balanced diet to keep your body healthy. If your body is healthy, your mind will be healthy. There is a saying that a healthy person's thoughts are sick, the words are not to be thrown away, so keep yourself healthy.

Avoid belittling others

If we want to continue in the same society, we have to live with many types of people, but it is not at all that you will find everyone in your own way. Maybe someone else is a little less understanding than you, discussing their weaknesses without you sitting them down and laughing at them is never forgivable. Now you can ask if you will be punished for doing this!

This punishment may not come under any law, but if you believe in God, remember that God will punish you in due time. You may have heard such a saying, yes, it is true. There is no problem with other people's danger. If you laugh, there will be no harm to him.

So if you can't laugh at the danger of others or at the weakness of others, then teach as a way to escape from the danger or if you don't want to do it, keep silent, even if you can't do any good, at least don't harm anyone.

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