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Learn about jaundice symptoms and first aid

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

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Learn about jaundice symptoms and first aid

What are the symptoms of jaundice ?

In this regard, Dr. Md. Masudur Rahman Khan said that usually if any germ enters the body, it is caused by virus. Hepatitis A and Hepatitis E viruses are usually spread in our country through food and water. Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C are spread by blood or swine flu.

The first signs, he says, are -

    Dislike of food,
    Excessive weakness
    Yellowing of eyes and urine
    At the same time, nausea or vomiting may occur in some people
    There are also some differences in defecation in some cases.

These are mainly symptoms of viral jaundice.

And the symptoms of jaundice outside the virus are-

    Body itching,
    In some cases, liver problems can be worse.

First aid for jaundice
The specialist doctor said. Md. Masudur Rahman Khan said that in order to cure jaundice, one needs to take necessary rest and nutritious food. Rest is the most important thing here, because his liver is affected. And eat home-made normal nutritious liquid food. This is the main treatment for jaundice. Because we say, usually jaundice will get better on its own after a while. Along with this some medicine can be taken on the advice of the doctor.

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