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Which is the best, Blogger or WordPress ?

Thursday, February 3, 2022

/ by Admin

Blogger and Wordpress are both very popular CMS platforms. Blogger is powered by Google and is completely free. There is no need to create a website here. Even if you don't want to buy a domain, you will get the benefit of a website full of Google subdomains. On the other hand, to create a blog or website in WordPress, you must purchase a top level domain and hosting.

Which of the following is more useful than Blogger and Wordpress ?

Since Blogger is a product of Google, it is secure in terms of security. It is also a free CMS platform. Here you can use different gadget widgets. You can use all types of Javascript, CSS, HTML in the Blogger theme or anywhere on the website as needed. However, not much advanced work can be expected from here. Since it is a completely free platform, you can use Tuktuk to work with it. But yes, news websites, blogging, educational websites, pdf downloads, and many more can be done with the blogger website. So the question is, if everything can be done with a blogger website, then why do people build a website in WordPress by spending only money. I said a while ago that Blogger is a free platform so don't get too many advanced features here. For example: If you want to create a membership website, you must have a WordPress platform. This will never be possible with Blogger. You will also find many types of plugins in WordPress that can be used to do many complex tasks and very easily, but such plugins can not be used in the Blogger system. Most of the work here you have to do manually.

For those who like Blogger -

  • Those who only want to publish writing, photo sharing, video sharing, and their own content can use it safely.
  • You can use it only if you want to write on news, reading related topics etc.
  • You can use it if you want to write about written biographies, biographical statements etc.
  • Bloggers can use different types of photographs if you want to work on photo type topics.

For those who find Wordpress useful -

  • E-Commerce WordPress works very well for any site. So those who are interested in creating e-commerce websites must use WordPress.
  • You need to use WordPress to create any type of membership website.
  • If you want to create a job recruitment and application website, you need to use WordPress.
  • If you want to create any website related to social community and communication, you have to use WordPress.
  • Public Information Collection Data is used to create a website.
  • Since you will get many advanced features in WordPress, you will use WordPress to create any advanced website starting from extra advanced level.

Which is better in terms of Blogger and Wordpress security

It depends entirely on the admin of the website. However, since Blogger is Google's product, Google will give you 80 percent security here. All you have to do is keep your Gmail ID secure. But in the case of WordPress, you have to take care of your own security in several places. As well as securing your own postings at your own risk, keep your domain panel secure.

In my opinion there is no end to the good, Blogger or WordPress can be selected based on who will create what kind of website. However, if you want to create a website just for writing and tuk-tuk work, then you must use Blogger. Many news websites are being created by Blogger and its websites are providing very good quality services and also a good amount of money is being earned from here. Uses only Blogger. If you get a response in the comments, I will post about hosting later, I am thinking, if you buy hosting from any site, you will get the most security. The best hosting available on the site at a low price will be posted.

You can tell in the comments what you need to know. The article will be published according to your needs.

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