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How to increase your memory strength !

What is the right way to increase human memory power ?

By memory we mean a power that can be used to store any kind of information in our brain and reuse it when needed. Many of us are often victims of amnesia. Some people can't remember what happened before, and some people forget where the key of the house or mobile was kept a while ago. If this has happened to you, there is nothing to fear. This happens to most people. However, if you tend to forget excessively, then it is definitely not a good sign for your future.

Take a look at the essential foods that can enhance our memory

Foods that increase brain function:

  •     Ogema-3 fatty acids (found in marine fish and canola oil)
  •     Oily fish (trout, salmon, sardines, bain,)
  •     Coffee (Coffee contains caffeine and caffeine stimulates the brain and relieves fatigue)
  •     Blueberries (especially effective for girls' brains, protects against inflammation and cornerstones)
  •     Turmeric (Helps reduce brain inflammation)
  •     Broccoli (rich in sulfarophen)
  •     Pumpkin seeds (rich in zinc and minerals)
  •     Almonds (Brain nutrient rich in polyphenols)
  •     Oranges (rich in ascorbic acid)
  •     Eggs (rich in important cholesterol for the brain)
  •     Polyphenols (also found in walnuts, nuts)
  •     Green leafy vegetables, especially spinach (rich in Vitamin K, Float and Lutein)
  •     Dark chocolate (contains plenty of polyphenols needed for the brain)
  •     Green tea (keeps brain neurons well)
  •     Avocado (protects fat accumulation in brain cells)

You can do exercises to increase the efficiency of the brain

Make it a habit to exercise regularly to improve your memory. Exercise increases the supply of oxygen to the brain and increases your memory as well as eliminates fatigue, nausea, etc. When exercising, be sure to schedule some exercises that increase the speed of blood circulation in the body.

Get enough sleep to increase brain function

To get the most out of your brain's memory, you need to get enough sleep. An adult needs at least 8 to 9 hours of sleep a night to avoid amnesia and related problems. Nowadays most people are used to using mobile phones at night. As a result of staying up late, their memory, creativity, and ability to solve problems begin to decline.

Bad thoughts should be eliminated

Undoubtedly, moral thinking is very bad for the brain, so stop thinking morally. Make it a habit to think positively all the time, you will see the brain working well. We usually think a lot more morally during times of tension. And the brain then becomes agitated which reduces the efficiency of the brain. So, stay calm in any situation and think positive and constructive.

You can play brain games to increase memory power

If you do not always try to find a solution to your brain, it will gradually slow down. Brain games are an effective way to train the brain in this way. There are many brain games in the Play Store online today that can enhance your memory performance by playing.

Refrain from doing multiple tasks at once

In this time of competition people want to do more in less time. But the surprising thing is that multiple tasks or multitasking at the same time actually slows down your work instead of resolving it quickly. At the same time it interferes with the process of storing any information in your memory.

Studies have shown that it takes about 6 seconds for our brain to store any information in memory. This means that if you keep talking on the phone while selecting products at a grocery super shop, you will no longer remember what you need to shop for.

Regularly learning new things helps to increase memory power

After the formal reading-listening, we don't want to read anymore, we keep the brain lazy. A variety of studies should be continued to keep the brain always active. We know that there are many types of study outside of formal education. For example, you can learn graphics design, web design or app design. You can learn graphic design for free. There are also many websites for learning web design. There are.

Solve crosswords

You must have seen the crossword puzzles in different magazines. This is a very fun exercise for the brain. So, sometimes solve crosswords. Maybe it's Bengali or English, Prothom Alo or Daily Star's crossword. Crossword protects the brain from dementia, is the result of research.

Work by changing hands

Those who work with the right hand, they do some work with the left hand. And those who do different things with their left hand, try to do them with their right hand. You can do this process at least once a month. It also helps the brain to process new functions and increases the strength of the brain. So, sometimes changing hands is also a great way to enhance your memory.

Do something new

Almost every one of our lives is full of boredom. I do the same thing every day and do it the same way. No, the brain needs to be given your new job, given the opportunity to think anew. So, get out of the daily routine and do at least one new thing every day. Or, try to do some of the everyday tasks a little differently. For example, every day you go to varsity or office, change the road one day. Go to the destination by any known or unknown road. It will work great as a way to increase memory.

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