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Covid - White Fungus Disease Infection Symptoms, Treatment

Thursday, February 3, 2022

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White Fungus Infection Symptoms

According to all the 4 cases recorded in Patna, Bihar, white Fungus infection can affect pregnant women and children more. According to the data released, Dr. SN Singh has stated that this infection can still increase with more patients. The main patients of this disease include those with low immunity, diabetes, AIDS patients, kidney transplant patients.

According to Dr. SN Singh, this fungus may also be present inside the oxygen given to the patients. According to him, if the tap water is used by the patients in the humidifier connected to the oxygen cylinder, this fungus can be found in the oxygen produced.


White Fungus Symptoms can only be identified through CT-scan or X-ray. This White Fungus symptom is believed to be similar to the Corona Symptoms. You should not ignore this white Fungus infection symptom, which normally resembles the corona symptom. If you are experiencing any symptoms like this infection then you should consult a doctor.

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White Fungus Causes

Regarding White Fungus Causes, Dr. SN Singh said that this virus is found in many places. In some cases, this infection has been detected in tap water used in a humidifier attached to an oxygen cylinder given to the patient. Dr. SN Singh has appealed to the patients to exercise caution while using the oxygen cylinder.


The main reason for the spread of this virus is unknown. It is expected that researchers may soon gather information about this. We will keep you updated in our article about each and every information released about White Fungus Causes details. For other information, you can read the tweets in the name of official officers given in the article.

White Fungus Treatment

Anti-Fungus drugs are being used as White Fungus Treatment. Dr. SN Singh, head of the microbiology department of PMCH, told News Channels that anti-Fungus medicines were given as treatment to all 4 patients suffering from this Fungus. Right now the condition of all the patients is normal. Presently drugs are being tested for the prevention of this white Fungus. It is expected that soon the names of these medicines will be made public.


For comparison of Black Fangul and White Fungus, you should read the article on Black Fungus given on our website. We are providing you direct links for this. You can allow the notification of our website for the new information to be released. You can write your questions in the comment box below.

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