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What does it take to become a skilled freelancer ?

There are three things you can't do to be successful in freelancing

  • 1. Select Category: You may be confused about everything, your pass person does web design and development and he earns a good base every month by freelancing in this subject, so you may be wondering if you can do something, but you may like the graphics but the right guide. Your income is not coming because you do not have. In such a situation you have to wear in confusion. But here you can not make a decision is within the categories - Graphic Design, Website Design, Motion Graphics, Translation, Android app development. Software Development,HTML, PHP, Internet Marketing, WordPress, Articles, SEO, CSS, Software Architecture, Data Entry,
  • 2. Acquire Skills: Now that you have selected the subject you just need to acquire skills, for this you need to take training from a skilled trainer or a good quality organization and try it again and again (say if you like a design then you try it) You can do it too, and you will see that you have learned a lot by doing that design, this way you will gradually become proficient.
  • 3. Get a good idea of the marketplace: Now that you are fully prepared, you have to sell your work, so you need to have a good idea about all the freelancing marketplaces, and you have to decide which marketplace you will work in, one by one, so you should start working knowingly.

Freelancing can be the first step in building a career in student life. Student life is a preparation phase of career formation. It is up to you to decide which career to pursue. The key is to choose the right career and move forward with planning. Many people are hesitant about career planning or do not understand what should be the first step in career planning in student life?

There are thousands of students who earn money by tutoring in their student life. As much as teaching in a tuition or coaching-based educational institution is an honor, it can also be called an important step in career building.

But for those who want to improve their skills and become successful in their careers, freelancing may be the best option. Freelancing is one of the main sources of income in student life as well as the main tool for enhancing skill based skills.

What is freelance ?

Freelance means that you will be contracted to do the work that the client will give you online, you will do the work with your own skills, and you will deliver it to the client online. And the client will pay you online. The work will be done mainly with your skills, only the medium will be online.

Why is freelancing important in student life ?

According to statistics, 48% of the educated population is unemployed, mainly due to lack of adequate employment opportunities or skills. There are thousands of unemployed graduates who are not getting jobs due to lack of skill based skills. Therefore, by freelancing, you will be able to advance your career planning by increasing your skill based skills in your student life. Suppose you are interested in IT or the web. Freelancing can take you to a unique stage in your career world by taking web or IT courses. Because, freelance courses will not only teach you the technique of earning money. Make you experienced enough to use and apply technology. Will expand the limits of your knowledge. Double your communication skills, IT knowledge, web marketing, marketing strategy, writing skills.

How and where to start ?

The beginning is always difficult, many people can't start because they will do it today or tomorrow. But the thing is simple, if you want to do freelancing, you need to know good work and to know good work you need good training and practice. In that case you can start with training from different training centers or experienced trainers. But there are two things you must keep in mind. The issues are:

What a pleasure -

You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. This means that the field you are most interested in, it is better to choose the field as a freelancing career. If you like coding, you can choose web design and development, android development, wordpress development or game development. Again, if you like Akaaki, that is, if you are interested in graphic, you can choose logo design, business card design, motion graphic design, banner design, video editing. If you have a writing habit, you can choose Content Writing, Report Writing, Web Content Writing. In this way, if you like music and photography, you can do freelancing with it. Basically you know the answer to which sector you will work with.

Appropriate training and practice

You can learn about freelancing from any training center, but there are doubts about how much you can learn. Get to know the training center or trainer before you start. The training center is good, but you can't learn. This is because of your reluctance to learn and lack of effort. You need to practice and work hard enough. The famous philosopher William Langloid said,

"Where there is no hard work there is no success"

Popular freelancing field

The freelancing field is quite wide. However, the popular fields are:

  • - Web Design and Web Development
  • - Graphic design
  • - Android Development
  • - Game development
  • - WordPress Theme Customization
  • - Affiliate marketing or digital marketing
  • - SEO Expert
  • - Data entry
  • - Content or article writing
  • - Logo design
  • - Video editing
  • - Animation design
  • - Email and Facebook Marketing
  • - Plugin development
  • - Sales Consultant
  • - YouTube Marketing and Strategy


- Since you will start a freelancing career in your student life, you must pay attention to your studies.

- You have to take care of your body. Many freelancers spend their days and nights working for clients. Remember, how do you do client work if you are not healthy yourself?

- Instead of making freelancing the only source of income, try to build yourself as an entrepreneur later on.

- Be patient and learn to work hard. Because hard work is the key to success.

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