How to increase return on money spent on Facebook ads !

Want to get more out of Facebook ads? Thinking about how to improve your ROAS in terms of ad costs?

This article discusses four ways to get more returns for your advertising costs.

Why is it important to increase returns against advertising costs ?

Before going into the context of how to increase your Facebook ROAS, you need to know what ROAS is and why it is the most important Facebook ad metric.

ROAS is a measure of the success of your Facebook ad and how profitable your ad is. This is the equivalent of online advertising return on investment (ROI) and base metrics that simplify your decision making regarding your ad.

It is automatically calculated from the ad account level, which is calculated by purchasing the conversion metric and dividing by the cost of your ad.

Suppose your purchase conversion value was $ 10,000 and your ad cost was $ 2,000. Now to get ROAS, you divide 10,000 by 2,000, which is 5X return

So for every $ 1 you invest in your Facebook ad, you generate 5 revenue.

You can increase your ROAS by selling on and off Facebook. We will take turns learning about these two methods and how you can improve your Facebook ad from both perspectives.

You need to focus on both to get the best results from your ad and to generate maximum ROAS.

Increase ROAS through on-Facebook adjustments

Things you can do to increase the ROAS of your Facebook ad,

Click-through rate (CTR) is the metrics of your ad account as opposed to increasing the ROAS of the business by reducing the ad cost.

There is a direct correlation between an ad's CTR, cost per click (CPC) and number of clicks. By increasing engagement with the ads you provide, you can drive more people to your website as opposed to the same type of ad or advertising costs, which reduces your costs per click link.

In the image below, you can see that the higher the CTR of an ad, the lower your CPC and the more traffic your site can bring against the cost of your ad.

Facebook actively rewards advertisers by lowering the CPC for an ad with a high CTR. Because, your audience is getting more engaged with your ad, creating a positive ad experience.

Here are some ways to create more engaging Facebook ads to improve your ad's CTR,

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