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Wednesday, December 29, 2021

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Launched in 2009, is an Australian freelancing marketplace website. The website is very popular for finding freelancers for online and offline projects and getting freelance projects. Let's take a look at the ways to earn money from
Account opening and profile setup First sign up for a free account using your email address. Then verify the email address so that you can know about future contests or features running on your project or platform. When opening an account you need to set a username, which is your unique ID at Once this is set, change is no longer possible.

After opening an account on, provide your full name and address. Also, check that the country of registration for your account is correct, so that can show you the freelancing project by location. Be sure to set your language as well.

Add other information to your account. First add a profile picture to see a professional. Don't forget to add the headline of the profile. In addition, showcase your skills and experience and add your hourly rate (hourly rate) to your profile.

Finally, add skills to the profile. You cannot bid for a project unless you have at least one skill required for that project. Therefore, judging on one's own skills, there is a huge need to add appropriate skills in this platform.

Membership plans

The website features 5 types of membership plans, each with a variety of features and benefits. Free account is subscribed at the time of account registration on the platform. Various features and benefits can be used by subscribing to any membership plan.
Sorting profiles

Employers will look at your profile and consider you and your work. So it is very important to arrange the profile properly. To set up the profile properly, you have to take care of it

    I will use a portrait picture of your clean
    Use a headline to look professional
    Highlight your skills and experience in profile summaries
    Select the hourly rate i.e. rate per hour correctly
    Highlight your previous work as a portfolio
    Highlight your educational qualifications and previous job experience
    Link your other accounts, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. to increase the trust score.

Freelancer dot com job categories
Freelancer dot com

It is not possible to count the categories of work of However, if all the work is sorted into categories, it can be divided into the following categories:

    Website, IT and software
    Mobile phones and computing
    Writing and content
    Design, media and architecture
    Data entry and admin
    Engineering and Science
    Product Sourcing and Manufacturing
    Sales and marketing
    Business, Accounting, Human Resources and Legal
    Local jobs and services

Most of the work falls into one of the mentioned categories. Jobs that are outside of these are included in the Other category.

Find a job on the site

There are several ways to find work on the website. E.g.

    The desired job can be found by searching from the browser menu
    In the project feed you will get notifications of different projects and contests according to your set skills
    Emails related to projects and contests are sent to emails based on recent work

Project vs Contest can work on projects or contests. Let us know more about the project and the contest.


Most of the time a freelancer is hired for a project but the employer can hire more than one person as a type of work. Employers can hire anyone of their choice for the project. There are two types of projects, namely:

    Fixed Price: This type of project is one-time and has a fixed budget
    Hourly: Hourly wages are paid for these works


Contests are hosted by someone. Freelancers submit their entries. The best entry is declared the winner and prize money is given.
Bid on the project

Once the account is opened, bidding can be done on the project. To bid on the project:

     From the Browse Projects page, find a project that you want to work on
    Input your bidding amount
        Fixed-Price Project: Enter the total amount you would like to be paid at the end of the day
        Hourly Project: Write down how much you want to pay per hour for work
    Write down how long it will take to deliver the work
    Write a proposal mentioning your experience and portfolio, etc.
    When the above process is completed, complete the bid by pressing Place Bid
    The employer will then review your bid and contact you to discuss the project in detail if you like
    If the employer wants to see work samples, send samples using's messenger.
    If both parties agree on the job, you will actually get the freelance job

Project management

After being selected for a job in a project, try your best to deliver your best work. Things to keep in mind in this regard:

    Regularly inform the client about the progress of your work
    If you are confused about something, do not hesitate to ask the client
    Keep the deadline in mind and set a target to get the job done
    Inform the client for a milestone payment each time the task is completed or after achieving one of the project goals.
    In case of Hourly project, work by opening the freelancer desktop app, there is no confusion about working hours.
    Occasionally takes and saves screenshots from the freelancer app to save your work progress - deleting these screenshots eliminates added work hours at that time.
    Complete all conversations or file exchanges with the client through the website from the freelancer app or desktop browser.
    Accept payment after completing the work properly.

Is it possible to earn money from

Yes, it is possible to earn money by freelancing from The website deducts a charge of 10% / 5% / 3% of the total amount based on the subscription. 10% charge for new account i.e. free subscription.

What are the payment methods of

The payment methods that supports are: Express Withdrawal and Wire Transfer through Bank, PayPal, Skrill etc.

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