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How to choose a niche for your blog ?

Sunday, December 19, 2021

/ by Admin

How to choose a niche for your blog ?

Google search

By now, you may know that if you want to choose a niche or topic for a blogger, you must choose nis keeping in mind the visitors. Now how do you know which topic visitors are searching for more?

We have Google Mama to find out. The topic you are thinking of starting blogging on, type that topic and do a Google search. You will see that Google Mama will show you many more search results based on that topic which visitors are searching more and more. From here you can easily get nice or topic idea.

Why choose Nice before creating a website ?

He saw a website with posts on various topics, including blogging related posts. Then you realized that it is a multi-nice blog website.

And you got a website where there are only blog related. You liked the post that you posted earlier on the Multi Nice blog website and later you read the related post on the Micro Nice blog website only.

Which website do you visit the most now? Where only blogging related posts are posted on this website, or where many types of posts are occasionally posted blog related to this website.

I think you must visit the website that will be posted only on the topic you are looking for. That's why I suggest you create a micro niche blog website where you can only publish posts on a specific topic or keyword.

There are three things to keep in mind before choosing a niche.

Niche For Competition

If you are planning to start blogging on a nice topic, you must know the competition of that topic or nice. You created a website on a topic that already has a lot of Google websites on the topic.

Then you have to work hard to rank your website in Google's rank art and it is a matter of time.

So before choosing a topic or niche, you have to research the keyword and select niche by looking at the competition low and search volume of that keyword. You can use Google Keyword Planner directly to do keyword research.

Visitors (Niche For Audience)

You may know that the life of a website is called the visitor. No matter how beautiful your website looks, no matter how well you write the posts on the website, if there are no visitors, then your website will have no value.

One day you will lose the desire to blog. Because you are suffering so much but you can't see the result.

Therefore, before blogging, you must recharge the topic that you are blogging about. What will the visitors think of that topic? In other words, if you write a post on the website of your choice, what kind of views will not come in that post.

So by researching you need to know what topic the visitor is searching on or what the visitor wants to know more about the topic. If you have to choose the topic or nice of the website keeping in mind the visitor, then you will get a good response very quickly.

Income (Niche For Income)

No matter how hard we try, we can expect income from it. But I don't think anyone would want to work without income if you can't make any income from it.

In the same way, if you start blogging on a topic, you can't expect very good income from it.

If you do a little research, you will know which websites generate 100 100 income from 10 thousand visitors. On some websites, the income from those ten thousand visitors is only 40 or 50 dollars.

Then you can understand that the visitors are the same but the income is more or less. This is because after being approved in AdSense, Google shows that topic related ad based on the topic of our website. As a result, more and more clicks are added to the ads and revenue is generated.

So those ad companies who provide ads pay more for some topic related ads and pay less for some ads. You may have noticed in your AdSense account that CPC has an option.

The full form of CPC is cost per click. That means how many cents or dollars Google is paying per click on the ads that will show on your website. Therefore, you will see that if there is more CPC, the income is more and if there is less CPC, the income is less.

So before selecting a topic or nice, you have to do a search to see which topic has more CPC. And to check this, you must do keyword research on your topic which can be done through Google Keyword Planner.

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