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Read the answer to the passage

A passage is given in English. He has to write the answers to five questions in that light. There is an allocation of 20 numbers for this. In this case, it is better to read the questions before reading the passage. Then while reading the passage, some information will be set in the head to get out of the passage. Then the questions can be answered in the light of reading the passage. When writing the answer to the passage question, many people remove the text from the exact passage. Without doing so, it is helpful to get information from the passage and write in your own language in a beautiful word choice to get good marks. Everyone has their own strategy, if their strategy is effective then that is what to follow.

Focus on focus writing

Two focus writing works in Bengali and English. Focus writing refers to a point-by-point focus on a contemporary topic. A total of 50 marks are allotted in two focus writings. When writing focus writing, using different types of data, charts, quotations helps to get good marks. Use as much data, graphs, quotations as you can. It is better to read these in thematic notes beforehand. It is enough to write three pages for English and four pages for Bengali. It is better to get a good number if you write in a modest way than to increase the page of the account by writing extra. Beautiful word choice is important. Important information can be highlighted with a blue or green colored pen. However, it is not possible to use a pen with which highlights can be seen on the back page.

Important topics for focus writing are: The role of government / Bangladesh Bank in keeping the country's economy afloat in the Corona situation, the impact of Kavid-19 on the global economy, SDG, Metro Rail, what will be the impact on the economy in the south if implemented Economy, progress of the country's economy during the tenure of the present government, government incentive package, COP-28, Rohingya issue etc. In addition, you can see other recent issues.

Translation to stay ahead

It is advisable to be proficient in translation to stay ahead of other competitors. Translation is a very important part of the written test for any job. Translation comes in almost all job written exams. There is no substitute for regular practice to become proficient in translation. For better preparation of the translation, it can be practiced by looking at the news in the editorial, sub-editorial, economics page and international page of the regular English daily newspaper. Even if it is a passage every day, the habit of translating should be developed. If you can do this habit regularly, it will work great. Mohiuddin's book 'Translation for Competitive Exams', written by Mohiuddin for the preparation of translations, is one of the first to come up with the translations of the bank in the past. Translation of other tests can then be practiced. 20 to 25 minutes can be allotted for translation in the test center. If it happens in the test center, you can't understand the translation that is coming, but try to write in a way that makes sense. Try to answer all the questions in the written test.

Learn the rules of writing a report or application
Comes to write business related reports or applications. Many people in this part cannot write according to the correct format in the test center as they have not practiced before the test. But with a little effort, you can get a definite number in this part. Because this part is relatively easier than other parts. It becomes difficult if you think easy and play. For this, practice by looking at the reports or applications received from different banks including Bangladesh Bank in the past. Basically it is important to learn the writing format. There are several types of reports or applications. So practice writing all kinds of reports or applications. One page of report or application is enough.

Uttara Bank Limited AO (Cash) Previous Question PDF Download

Part - 01

It is easy to get numbers in the vaccine
At present, written test of bank job is seen to write notes or short notes. Comes to write notes on various contemporary topics. These have to be answered in short form. The topics that can be commented on are: Mujibvarsha, Metro Rail, Online Banking, Bangabandhu-1 Satellite, Golden Jubilee of Independence, Padma Bridge, Bad Debt, Online Banking, Vision 2041 / Vision 2041, Marine Economy, Offshore Banking, Fourth Industry Revolution etc.

Regular practice of mathematics
The biggest advantage of math is that if you can answer correctly, you can get the whole number. In this case, it is possible to stay ahead of the competition, which is not usually the case with other subjects. Follow one or more good quality books on the market to prepare for math. There is no substitute for regular practice to do well in math. Practice the maths of the questions that have come up in different banks in the past. Allow a maximum of 40 to 45 minutes for math. It should not be more than that. Giving extra time to math will give you less time to write other parts. If you are not good at maths, it is better to answer at the end. For those who are relatively weak in mathematics, the point is that 50 percent of math questions are relatively easy. It can be done with a little effort. Many have gotten jobs even though they have done very well in other parts of the world with relatively little math.

Uttara Bank Limited AO (Cash) Previous Question PDF Download

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