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Find Out Some Tricks And Get Rid Of Facebook ID Being Disabled

 Reasons for repeated Facebook ID Restriction / Disable

We are all facing a problem these days and that is that Facebook ID is being restricted or directly disabled for 3/6/30 days. Now the question is why the IDs are disabled?

We all know that billions of people around the world use Facebook. So it is not possible for any person to monitor the Facebook company from any account, when what is being posted on Facebook, where it is being commented. Because even if millions of people post millions of Facebook accounts every day, Facebook will not be able to monitor them. So among these, Facebook uses artificial intelligence or artificial intelligence bots to verify bad posts or bad comments. And the dirty, bad, or threatening, provocative, risky words we use are sorted into keyword formats in bot software. And when the artificial intelligence robot of Facebook scans all the posts and finds the words recorded in its key word, then the post restricts the donor or disables the ID.

So what is the way to survive?

1. When creating a Facebook account, create an account with the information in the official documents such as: birth registration, NID card, passport, driving license. If you become disabled, you can easily recover.

2. Always like / react to good posts. Refrain from reacting / liking to dirty or obscene posts.

3. Don't make any bad comments, provocative comments on anyone's post. Even if you make fun of someone, don't abuse them, remember that Facebook's algorithm doesn't understand any jokes.

4. Do not post any pornography, pornographic pictures on Facebook. Don't even send these messages to any Facebook group or anyone.

5. Do not abuse / abuse anyone in the message as Facebook identifies them as harassment.

6. Don't like / react to too many posts on Facebook in one minute. Like / comment slowly. Because if you do these things very quickly, Facebook may be thinking that some bot is controlling the ID.

7. Do not give access to Facebook ID to any third party unfamiliar app or website. This increases the risk of ID being disabled.

8. Do not post and comment the referral link of any apps or website again and again. As a result, Facebook may throw your ID in the case of spamming.

09. Do not share pictures or videos of any bloody or injured person on Facebook. And don't post pictures of alcohol, marijuana or drugs or try to sell them on Facebook.

10. Above all, do not post any complaint against Facebook on Facebook. If you look at their algorithm, you will lose 100% of your ID.

Follow the rules above, do not use Facebook using VPN, do not run multiple IDs on one phone and if your ID is still lost then think that it is an error of Facebook's artificial intelligence. So open another new ID.

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