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How to be a good web developer ?

What do you need to know to be a good web developer ?

To become a self-sufficient web developer, I tried to give you an idea of ​​everything you need to know and how to learn.Below is a detailed description of how to pass these levels step by step

Web Design:

1. HTML 5 - HTML 5

2. CSS 3 - CSS 3

3. Bootstrap 4 - Bootstrap 4

4. Adobe Photoshop - Adobe Photoshop

In this part a PSD to HTML Responsive website design needs to be done with bootstrap

5. JavaScript - Javascript (don't learn programming in this part, only learn DOM manipulation and event handling)

Web Development:

When it comes to web development, many people are confused about which one to start with. So I prefer the following two languages.

6. One of the easiest programming languages ​​for web developers. You can easily create any type of website through PHP. About 80% of the world's websites are built with PHP

Just coding with PHP will cost you a lot of time so learning your PHP framework will make your coding much easier. First you can start with Laravel.

7. Python - Python

It is a very popular web language. Python is well-received by anyone who codes because its codes are simple and concise.

To do web development with Python, you need to learn Django-Django, a popular Python framework.

8. SQL - SQL

The data that we use for web applications is stored in a database and we can use this data later. For example, all social media on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube use MySQL to store their data in the database.

9. API - API

You have to learn different types of APIs and make small projects and implement them

10. Git - git

Git is the version control system. Developers typically use Git to control version versions of projects and allow more than one developer to work on the same project. Git is used to control large projects.

Where to learn?

If you want to learn in a completely free way, you have to learn a little harder as you will not be able to find all the things together. You will understand everything from a youtuber or blog site in a good way or not so you have to learn specific topics from expert youtuber or blog. But to my knowledge there is a YouTube channel and mobile apps, where you can get all the things on web development for free.

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